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Report of the Committee on American Archaeology Appointed by the General Conference of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints, 1894

Pages: 50-51; 82-83; 114-115; 146-147; 178-179

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Map Nō 6
Map of the Lands of the Jaredites


Map Nō5 
Northern Portion of the Lands of the Nephites


Map Nō 4
The Land of Zarahemla and Northern Portion of Nephi

Map Nō 3
The Southern Portion of Land Nephi

Map Nō 2
Map of The World
Showing Probable Course of the
Ancient Colonies Across The Ocean

Map Nō 1
See below for Map No. 1 from an 1892 RLDS Book of Mormon
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The maps above confused members of the RLDS Church.
They were based on H.A. Stebbins'  Book of Mormon lectures of 1894.

H.A Stebbins then wrote an article in the RLDS Saints' Herald changing his mind about the location of the Hill Cumorah suggesting it was in Central America.

You can download H.A. Stebbins' 1911 article at this link in .pdf format.

L.E. Hills created the maps below with the "original" Hill Cumorah in Mexico
in an attempt to solve the problem.

His idea and maps were rejected by the Leadership of the RLDS Church.
L.E. Hills published his maps and books COPYRIGHTED under his name.

His copyrights have long expired.
L.E. Hills’ books and maps are now in the Public Domain.
Anyone can republish and resell his books and maps.

L.E. Hills - 1917 Map

From the: "Review of Glen Scott's Map - Jul/Aug 2008"
L.E. Hills - 1919 Map

Black and White version of the Yellow Map above

See the video "A Short History" on this blog

The three books by L.E Hills

Four - page booklet by L.E Hills
Date unknown



As noted by L.E. Hills, he used Bulletin No. 28, Bureau of American Ethnology - which can be found at the Smithsonian Institution - to come up with his Two Cumorah Mesoamerica geography theory for The Book of Mormon

1904, Bulletin 28, Bureau of American Ethnology at the Smithsonian Library

It's hosted at

The Hemispheric Map created by G.F. Weston 
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1892 RLDS Book of Mormon with Hemispheric Map

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This is Map No. 1 missing above in the Google-scanned Committee Report

and Map No. 5.

Another view of the same map No. 1